Why Use a Recruiter

Why should I use a recruiter to find an oil and gas job?

A good recruiter can introduce you directly to the oil and gas employer that fits best for you and your skills. Unfortunately, surfing company websites or online job boards isn’t the most direct method to get your information to the appropriate decision makers. Don't let your talent go unseen or under appreciated. Let our team personally introduce you to your ideal next employer.

Why should I use RTS CORP instead of a general recruiting firm?

Unlike typical recruitment firms, our team has a long and successful track record for helping people identify beneficial career moves within the oil and gas industry specifically. We have a solid understanding of the field and have established connections with oil and gas companies. We take the time to find you the best opportunity—not just another job.

Where can RTS CORP help me find a job?

We find jobs for people within all sectors of the oil and gas industry in all major energy-producing regions.

What is RTS CORP's relationship with oil and gas employers?

We have built relationships—founded on mutual trust and expertise—with companies in this industry for over 30 years. The companies we work with rely on us to help identify the absolute best talent for any open position. For this reason, RTS CORP is committed to assisting you—the job-seeker— to become increasingly valuable over the course of your career. You are the future talent for our partners.

What qualifications do you look for in an individual?

While the skills, education, and experience required depend heavily on available career openings and specific hiring organizations, we believe that successful people possess several key traits. We look for individuals who are motivated, team players, eager to collaborate, and genuinely interested in helping businesses prosper. If this is you, then please don't hesitate to introduce yourself to our team.

What if I do not see an opening that fits my career goals on the RTS CORP website?

We suggest you introduce yourself regardless. Once we know who you are and learn your career objectives, we can help you, whether that be tomorrow or further in the future. Our relationships with oil and gas companies allow our team to find position openings often before they are posted on or offline.

How does RTS CORP protect my confidentiality?

We believe strongly in protecting your private information. Therefore, we have a company-wide policy that we will not send your resume or any personal specifics to hiring companies until we have discussed the career opening with you. We then get your permission to initiate introductions.

Do I need to pay RTS CORP to help find me a job?

No, never, not even once. You, as the job-seeker do not pay a fee to work with us. Instead, we collect our service fee from the oil and gas companies with whom we place you.

Why is it difficult to find oil and gas positions on directory sites such as Craigslist?

Due to the highly technical nature of the industry, typical online job boards and directories are often unused by oil and gas companies to find prospective hires. Craigslist is not designed to handle technical oil and gas industry listings, but rather administrative positions. For this reason, oil and gas companies often use talent acquisition firms like RTS CORP to help them find the best fit for open positions.