How it Works

Contact Us

Whether you need to fill one job or you need to staff an entire department, give our award-winning recruiting staff a call. Once you contact us, we will ask you a few questions regarding what you are looking for in your next employee. Once we have a good idea of what you’re looking for, you will be assigned a dedicated recruiter that will be in charge of sourcing and screening all candidates.

Contract Phase 

Once we’re both on the same page, we will send a contract over for you to review for our services. We are open to revisions and will never move forward on something that you aren’t comfortable with. 

Presentation of Candidates

After we both sign the service contract, RTS will begin sourcing potential candidates for your job(s). It is helpful for client companies to send over a formal job description that our recruiters can refer to throughout the screening process. Once we identify a few candidates that might be a good fit, we will send you five to ten of them in the first round of sourcing.

Client Feedback

After you review the first round of resumes, you will provide the recruiter with your initial feedback on the candidates. If you need to see more candidates, or if the first round weren’t what you were looking for we will send you an additional five to ten candidates for review.

Interview Set Up

If you decide you want to learn more about a few candidates we will start scheduling initial interviews, phone or in-person. If those go well, we will help organize the next round of interviews.

Hiring a Candidate

You want to hire one of the candidates! Congradulations! We will help you finalize all contracts and liaise between you and the candidate to insure a fluid and concise hiring process.

Offer Acceptance

If the candidate accepts your offer we will continue to organize start dates and other administrative duties. Once the candidate begins work, you will have a 60 day guarantee period. If the candidate does not work for any reason, we will back fill the job immediately.

They come to the table with a deep understanding of the oil and gas industry, but they also took the time to get to know us and our own corporate culture. The result is that we have hired candidates who are not only academically and professionally qualified to do the job, but also candidates who appreciate and are likely to thrive in our unique corporate environment. We will look to RTS Corp in the future to assist us with our recruiting needs and enthusiastically recommend their services.

- President - Chief Operating Officer