How we work for you

Upload Your Résumé

First things first, be sure your resume has been thoroughly edited and updated with the most current information. Then, fill out the short form on our Get Started page to tell us a few basic things about yourself. Once completed, you can easily upload your resume in a Word format.

Recruiter Review

Our recruiters are experts in their respective fields. Once you have uploaded your resume, you will be assigned your very own recruiter that knows the ins and outs of their chosen specialization. The recruiter will assess your resume and discern if there are any potential open jobs that would be a good fit for you. If we don’t have a job that matches your expertise, our recruiters implement sophisticated tracking software to keep your name in the rotation so once a job does come up, they can reach out to you immediately. 

Initial Screen Call

If your background is a good fit, your recruiter will give you a call to discuss all the details of you! They will ask you both hard and soft questions to get a well-rounded idea of what you’re looking for in your next opportunity. 

In-Person Interview

We want to meet you! After the initial phone screen we want to be able to meet you in person to be able to communicate and listen to your needs face-to-face. 

Client Communication

Once we’ve met you, we reach out to our client companies and sing your praises! A formal presentation will be put together by your recruiter which will highlight all of your amazing professional attributes and be sent along with your resume to our clients. Then, we (all) wait for feedback. 

Client Interview

Hooray! You made it this far! If our clients are impressed with your skills they will want to set up interviews. Your recruiter will handle the interview scheduling so you won’t have to go back and forth constantly trying to find a right time. All RTS recruiters also provide detailed interview prep tips so you can put your best foot forward!

Offer Stage

Great job! You must have really wow’d them in your interviews. Once you have received an offer, take some time to think it through. Your recruiter will got to bat for you in salary negotiation and otherwise to make sure you are really happy to move forward. 

Job Acceptance

Congratulations on your new job! Be sure to remember that your recruiter will be happy to assist in your transition.

The team at RTS CORP pursued my interests with absolute perseverance, sticking by my side throughout a 4-month search for the right position in a low-hiring period for a relatively uncommon position.


- Sr. Facilities Engineer